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Equinix Bare Metal Cloud

Setup a digital infrastructure using Equinix Metal, simplifying your IT management with end-to-end implementations and affiliated services.

Ready to digitize your business?

Let us help you manage your business smarter from day one.

Equinix bare metal is top of the line,

but what really kicks it up a notch is when you deploy with Equinix Metal, your infrastructure sits inside the most dense, active, and connected datacentres on the planet, putting you at the centre of our global interconnection ecosystem. With unmatched access to all of the clouds, networks, SaaS platforms, and enterprises that run our digital world.

In Partnership with EQUINIX

WIZTECH has designed, implemented and managed a flexible and cost-effective solution that combines colocation with Equinix Metal, Equinix Fabric and Equinix Connect – allowing you to access low-latency privateinterconnections and the ability to scale at your desired speed with agility and flexibility while retaining complete infrastructure control.


As a one-stop IT solutions
provider, we offer

  • End-to-end customised digital infrastructure solutions and implementation
  • Centralised IT management with localised support from our 9 global offices
  • Design and deploy DevOps operation
  • Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Colocation and Cloud infrastructure consultation services
  • Data migration and workload orchestration
  • Cloud storage and disaster recovery

Learn how you can implement your business with Equinix Metal and our IT solutions

WIZTECH has an established strong partnership recognition with

Our technological proficiency in various IT specialisations such as workload infrastructure, cybersecurity and ERP implementation has led us to develop and implement innovative and effective digital solutions for our customers.

Key Benefits for End Customer

  • Increased visibility in IT infrastructure management
  • Managed digital infrastructure with complete control
  • Customised digital solution to complement existing data infrastructure
  • Simplified IT management with end-to-end implementation & affiliated services e.g. network security, disaster recovery
Offering a digital-first architecture with WIZTECH

Start using Equinix Bare Metal to drive your digital strategy

WIZTECH is a high-growth company, listed on Top 100 Fast Moving Companies Singapore 2022.

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